Are you ready to make your work your calling and in search of a business coach?

 We are conducting discovery calls for aspiring entrepreneurs for our upcoming Cohort starting Oct 22 2019. 

Are you an Aspiring Entrepreneur?

Make your work your calling! Profit using your God-given talents, fueled with Passion, in service t

Purpose Academy

Purpose. Passion . Profit.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

Did you know that it is possible to walk away from six figures or more and  build a business with unlimited income, that makes a massive impact? 

For leaders and helping professionals who desire a career transition and feel called to make a living using your God given talent, fueled by your passions, in service to others.    Join us on a 6 month journey to get out of your head, and finally create financial freedom,  establish your life work, and make a huge impact in the lives of others.

Did you know the experience that you have gained leading others and making an impact in the corporate, spiritual, or professional world will translate to your coaching and speaking practice? Are you aware you can make a living doing what you were created to do on the planet?  Perhaps you have even told yourself I can't stay at this job any longer.  Imagine having freedom over your schedule, unlimited income, and doing work that's meaningful and makes a huge impact in the lives of others.  Perhaps,  your greatest fear is how will you make money to maintain your lifestyle.   Do you know that it is possible to walk away from six figures or more and  build a business with unlimited income, that makes a massive impact? I'm doing it, and  I want to help you develop your roadmap and your transition plan to do it as well. 

As over achievers we think we must have letters behind our name, certificates and degrees in order to help people.  My degrees didn’t help me get over my feelings of not being good enough.  They didn’t help me be confident in what was possible for me.  Neither did they help me get pass my fears and  leap.  It was  my coaches and mentors who showed me what was possible, coaches without degrees, and letters behind their name, but knew how to get results..  They had a story, a strong desire to help and mentor.  They were a guiding light for me.  Without them, I would still be in my head, planning or watching others be courageous enough to go for it. The most important thing that you have is your story, the things that you have overcome in your life,  the gifts and talents God has given you, and your voice. With a coaches support, that’s enough to get started.  I left my corporate  6 figure job to pursue my calling. . What if it was really that easy to get started, what if you were already enough, would you get started? The fact is your story, your voice and desire is  more than enough. Are you ready to commit the time you have left on the planet to make an impact, a difference and unlimited income, serving others?

Join us in the Biz academy.  Your clients are waiting for you to say YES!  If starting a business helping others is calling you, join the Biz Academy today. We can help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey, using the gifts that you have, your story, and the obstacles that you have overcome, to be the guiding light for others. Come let us help you get started.  

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