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Donna is an amazing Coach with experience Navigating the Hallway between life breakdown , pain and disappointment to  BLISS and beyond.   She understands the added pressure of maintaining your influence, at work , in the community, or at church  while experiencing pain and breakdown in your personal life.  She gets trying to stay strong and keep it together for your children,  or those you lead while you are falling apart. She's experienced the rebound marriage, and second  divorces.  She knows the shame and disappointment of failing publicly.  She also knows how to rebuild your life and the courageous journey to finally experience  BLISS. No matter where you find yourself on life's  journey Donna can help you get  the results you desire.    Donna also knows how to LEAP, she left a 6-figure IT career that she loved,  moved 5000 miles away from everything that was familiar,  to  answer the call of her heart. She has dedicated her life to PURPOSE.  Perhaps you are healing your own  pain, and would love to get in the business of helping others as a Coach, Author, and Speaker.     Donna can help you get started on your  journey as an entrepreneur.   Donna is a coaches Coach.  If you are a helping professional, or influencer and and you would like to  pursue your coaching  or speaking career, the Biz Academy kicks off in the fall.   We would love to have you join us.

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Lee Richter is an award winning, dynamic business innovator and a visionary. Her unique vision and drive revolutionizes business as her companies produce hundreds of jobs, educate tens of thousands of people and make millions in revenue.

If you want a coach that's passionate and get's results,  I recommend Donna.